The Delta of the Carpathians (Dumbrăvita - Rotbav - Magura Codla)

Protected natural area


The reservation is located in the counties of Brasov and partly in Covasna, on the territories of Dumbrăviţa, Codlea, Holbav, Hălchiu, Feldioara, Măieruş, Belin, Hăghig. It is divided into three distinct areas, and has a total area of ​​over 4,500 ha.

The protected area has been designated to protect wild bird species, especially those of Community (European) interest, being one of the most important breeding and resting areas in this part of the country.

During the migration, spring and autumn, the total population of the Dumbrăviţa water birds exceeds 20,000, the area being one of the most important wetlands within the Carpathian chain.

Birds of greatest importance are nesting species such as: Little Cormorant, Little Bush, Dwarf Stork, Red Stork, Night Eagle, Yellow Stork, Little Egret, Big Egret, Red Pike, Reed Erect, Greyhound, Field Crunchy, Hummingbird sea ​​bass, white-billed beetle, black-billed beetle, black-billed beetle, black-billed beetle, bark beetle and small muscar. Of the species that are only passing through the reserve, the most representative, present yearly in large numbers, are the black stork, the bully, the marsh whistle or the black guitar. In addition to birds, the protected area also shelters other species of community animals, such as the beaver and the otter.

The reservation is also remarkable in the variety of scenery, which passes from wetlands (ponds, lakes, rivers, marshes and reeds) to pastures, pastures and forests. The main access points are the localities Dumbrăviţa, Rotbav and Codlea.

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