Piatra Craiului National Park

Piatra Craiului National Park

Protected natural area / Tourist attraction - Zărnești


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Munții Piatra Craiului, România


 The natural rock fortress of Pietra Craiului is unique among the mountains in our country. The specific landscape is characterized by a lonely ridge, which reaches a length of approximately 25 km and heights of over 2,000 meters. La Om peak (or Piscul Baciului) is the highest and measures 2,238 m.

If we leisurely study the particularities of the massif, we will discover a great variety of relief shapes and sizes: rock corners, needles, pyramids, edges, towers, belts and chimneys. The large number of valleys, hollows, natural arches and alpine gaps complete the visual spectacle, along with particularly spectacular steeps.

1,170 plant species live here, almost 30% of the plants found in our country, of which 181 are protected. Among these species we mention only the most well-known ones: the carnation of Pietrei Craiului, the yew, the angelica, the blood of the strong, the yellow poppy, the linaria, the cornflower, the wild gladiolus, the bulbul and the mountain peony.

Piatra Craiului harbors an impressive number of species of mountain orchids, 41 of the 58 existing in Romania.

The climatic and geological conditions, the geomorphology and the structure of the flora and vegetation of Piatra Craiului have determined the preservation of a special diversity in the group of mammals. Of the approximately 100 species of mammals in the fauna of the entire country, over 40% live in Piatra Craiului.

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Text and photo-video sources: http://www.pcrai.ro/; http://romaniasalbatica.ro/ 

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