Other activities - active tourism in Brasov

Other activities - active tourism in Brasov

Regarding active tourism, there are a number of alternative activities that bring benefits through movement and the state of well-being they induce. Some good choices to consider are roller coasters, relaxing in recreational areas or practicing field tennis. Find a full list below.


Archery or Kyudo is practiced as a method of psychological, moral and spiritual development. The essence of kyudo can be said to be synonymous with the search for truth, goodness and beauty. A good archer is a person who keeps his self-control in moments of deep stress or conflict.

Archery locations


Paintball is a game considered as extreme sport. A simulated battle between two teams equipped with special weapons, the so-called markers, which shoot paint balls. The method to prove that a player is out of game ("shot") is the paint stain remaining after the paint ball breaks on impact with the body.

Paintball locations

Skating tracks

Braşov County has 3 roller skating tracks, all located in the cityBraşov. They are modern, in good condition and are suitable for those who want to use them both for relaxation and performance training.

Roller skating track locations

Kart racing

Kart racing can be done at high standards in two locations in the county: Prejmer and Ghimbav, both of which are suitable for adrenaline seekers.

Karting locations

Recreational spaces

Recreational spaces

Recreational spaces

Field tennis

You could practice field tennis in optimal conditions both in Brasov at Tenis Arena and outside the city in different locations.

Field tennis locations

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