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Enduro biking and splitboarding are part of me, they define who I am. For me, they are more than just a way to escape crowded and overused resorts. They are a way to push limits and get out of the comfort zone, a way to explore and to discover. That perfect mix of silence and grandeur that only a mountain can offer, the freedom to climb on your own, to define your route and follow it, the power to use your body strength to move forward and to enjoy downhill rides and fresh turns, no matter what season is out there – this is what defines me and what I want to share. The path is the same, only the texture is different.

*mountain guide
*travel guide
*mountainbike leader (MIAS L2)
*snowboard & splitboard instructor

*Backcountry guiding (splitboard & ski) short trips -

*Snowboard & Splitboard classes -

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