Mama Cozonacilor Pensiune

Mama Cozonacilor Pensiune

Accommodation - Bran / Guesthouse


In the heart of the village of Șimon in Bran, where the morning rays tenderly embrace the wooded hills, we have found our home for over two decades. Here, traditions are woven into every rustle of leaves, and crafts transform into stories that warm the souls of those who cross our threshold.

In the secrecy of the morning, our skilled hands shape enticing aromas and delightful flavors. Carefully prepared and refreshed dishes, whether refined pastries or traditional sweets, caress your senses and delight your heart. Golden and heavy cozonacs, keepers of secrets from the ancestors' cookbooks, invite you to feast and encourage you to desire more.

In our corner of the world, known as "Mother of Cozonacs," stories intertwine with the aromas and warm smiles of our guests. At the end of the village, just 6 kilometers away from the magnificent Bran Castle, you will find an oasis of tradition and hospitality.

And because we want to share our beauty and authenticity with as many travelers as possible, you can also find us at the Christmas Markets in Brașov and Sibiu, where the aroma of our cozonacs and the sweetness of local traditions blend in a dance of celebration and joy.

Therefore, we invite you to cross our threshold and enjoy the unmistakable charm of our experience, where every taste and every smile is embraced by the secrecy and warmth of our mornings in the village of Șimon in Bran.

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