Experience - Zărneşti Piatra Craiului - Paragliding package

What could be more spectacular than a paragliding flight over the Piatra Craiului massif? The spirit of adventure and adrenaline will be pushed to the max, but the sensation of flight will be incredible, offering absolute freedom.

The package offers initiation, acrobatic or romantic tandem flights. The take-off place is the Măgurii Saddle, the flights from here could reach a great distance, over the Piatra Craiului massif.

Brasov gliding

Powered gliding

Powered gliding is extremely comfortable for those who try the flight for the first time, being less dependent on weather conditions.

Powered gliding recreational flights in Zărneşti - Piatra Craiului ecotourism destination take off from Piatra Craiului – Zărneşti airdrome.

Piatra Craiului airdrome

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