Experience - Zărneşti Piatra Craiului - Hiking in Piatra Craiului

Drumeție în Parcul Național Piatra Craiului

Hiking in the Piatra Craiului National Park (Zărneştiului gorges/ Curmătura Chalet / Piatra Craiului ridge)

Of the 42 hiking routes, most of them have the town of Zarnesti as their starting point, this being the most important locality for accessing the northern part of the massif.

There is a forest road which starts from the southwestern part of the city and runs through Prăpăstiile (the Abysses), Valea Cheii and Valea Vlăduşca, allowing access to the eastern slope of the massif.

Rates: the park entrance ticket, valid for 7 days - 5 lei / pers.

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For guided tours in the Piatra Craiului Mountains you can contact:

Rucksack Mountain Guides Grind Adventure

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