The Geological Complex of Racoş

The Geological Complex of Racoş

Protected natural area


Racoș 507175, Romania


The Geological Complex of Racoş is a geological area of national importance of 95.2 ha and is integrated into the Natura2000 Homoroadelor Hills since 2007. Today the protected area preserves the visible four-quartered basaltic volcanic manifestations in the three pits.

.The Racoş Geological Complex comprises the following tourist attractions:

- The Monument of the Basalt Columns of Racos (MTTC Pit);
- Emerald Lake (Brazi Pit);
- The Offshore Volcano (Dealul Hegheş Basalt Scale Pit).

To be visited only on the marked road or with a guide approved by the area's custodians.

The entrance fee is 5 lei / adult and 3 lei / students or students

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