Noi perspective de călătorie în județul Brașov: 𝐵𝑒.𝐿𝒾𝓋𝑒𝐼𝓉 !

Noi perspective de călătorie în județul Brașov: 𝐵𝑒.𝐿𝒾𝓋𝑒𝐼𝓉 !


Fasten your seatbelts and explore a county of marvels!

THE AIRPORT IN BRASOV, with a terminal with a capacity of 1 million passengers per year, designed to be scalable, with the possibility of expansion to handle traffic of around 3 million passengers per year, is the first airport to be built from scratch in the last 50 years in Romania and will open its gates in 2023. Its construction started in 2014, to serve not only Brasov County, but the entire region, integrating state-of-the-art technical elements, such as the virtual control tower, with architecture and interior design in harmony with the place and demands of today’s travellers.


Blessed by nature, Brasov County, located in the centre of Romania, in Transylvania, is home to an impressive number of sustainable thematic tourist trails on its 5363 sqkm of land. Travellers arriving here can enjoy memorable experiences, like hiking, biking, horseback riding, winter sports or kayaking on the Olt River.

HIKING: “Let’s hike in nature and meet the silence” is the invitation to those who want an authentic experience, to (RE)discover the sounds and colours of nature, to disconnect from the hectic life and connect to the energy of the forest. Easy-difficulty trails entice guests to revel in the wonders of nature in the newly launched Quiet Zones of Râșnov and Codlea.

POIANA BRAȘOV: it is an already established destination, especially thanks to winter sports, but regardless of the season, guests can take advantage of nature’s bounty, as the destination is also suitable for hikers and cyclists who explore the mountain paths.


The land where legends and myths meet silence in modern times, Brașov County, offers its guests the Fortifications Route, with visits in Brașov, Râșnov, Bran, Codlea, Făgăraș, Rupea, Feldioara, Hărman and Prejmer, the last mentioned being part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

BRAN CASTLE: Located in the Bran Pass, the Castle truly is a medieval architectural jewel of Transylvania. The permanent exhibition is a journey into the area’s past that evokes the history, art, and architecture of a forgotten world, where East met West. For almost 700 years Bran Castle has been a medieval fortress, a customs house, a royal residence, it s now a museum, but, for most of the outside world, it is the residence of the fictional Count Dracula. Step into a unique universe where worlds, eras and cultures are interwoven in stone and wood. 

Interactive exhibitions, private or cultural events, sports competitions, Halloween nights, St Andrew’s Day, and Sumedru’s Fire, all make Bran Domain a place and a stepping stone in the European cultural landscape.


Once you’ve landed, “Be.LiveIt!”! This is the promise that Brasov County makes through a complete and complex offer of authentic experiences. Guests can enjoy the aromatic local delicacies, the charm of rural tourism, the fabulous stories that the county’s lands reveal and the varied possibilities for leisure and adventure.

DINO PARC RÂȘNOV: it is the largest dinosaur park in South-East Europe, with an impressive trail with 100 life-size reproductions of the ancient reptiles, but also children's playgrounds, tree houses with scientific exhibitions, a 9D cinema and a 360° cinema, adventure trails, zipline, laser maze, soundbox, unique exhibitions and other interactive areas.

THE FOOD ROUTE: visitors will feast on traditional Transylvanian dishes at local households, experiencing the local cuisine, in a rustic atmosphere, but in full compliance with the hygiene rules imposed by law. In Romania, Brasov county accomodates most such places, where tourists can taste unique local flavours (

HAFERLAND: Over the years, the Saxon villages have acquired a special charm and the rural landscape evokes memories of ancient times. When you come to Viscri, Homorod, Saschiz, Rupea, Criț, Bunești, Roadeș, Meșendorf and Cloașterf, it seems as if you’ve gone back in time. Events promoting the authentic Transylvanian village take visitors back in time, through storytelling, history and traditions. The village of Viscri is home to one of the most spectacular Saxon fortified churches, a UNESCO World Heritage.

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