Padel 4 Life Zărnești

Padel 4 Life Zărnești

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Str. Mare nr. 156A, Zarnesti, Romania, 505800


Padel is a dynamic and fun sport, a combination of tennis and squash, but by its nature it is also a social sport, Padel can be officially played only twice, including in mixed teams.
The playing field is made according to international standards, being produced and assembled by a team of specialists from a factory in Spain, the country where there are approximately 10,000 Padel fields. Equipped with a nightclub, changing rooms, a bathroom and a reception where you can serve a refreshing drink with your game partners, the Padel 4 Life field invites you to discover a new way of spending your free time.
#PADEL, a sport that will conquer you from the first point played.
* For each reservation, the Padel 4 Life field provides players with 4 game palettes and 3 balls.
Contact: 0766224746
Zarnesti City (Tohanu Vechi), Strada Mare, Nr. 158, Brasov,
Don't forget to make a reservation in advance, on:

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