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Aqua Blue


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Canalului nr. 31, Sacele, Romania, 505276


The Aqua Blue swimming pool, opened in 2007, was the first swimming pool to offer courses and development activities for babies aged 4 months or less. Over the course of time, we have perfected and developed our specialty courses in Italy, so we can now accept babies from 2.5 months.

And because these little clients impose enormous responsibilities, the pool was built to provide all the necessary conditions for the protection and development of babies! It is large, with dimensions of 18 m long, 4.5 m wide and 1.45 m deep. The pool water has a constant temperature of 32 degrees, and the indoor temperature is 32-33 degrees precisely to prevent any heat shock. The performant water hygiene system is in line with the Public Health Department, water is tested monthly and the results are displayed for parents!

In addition, the requirements we have for enrollment help us reduce the risk of any illness!

Our instructors are former athletes with experience in educating babies and children both in the country and abroad, motivated, soulful and eager to contribute to the development of our babies / children!

We look forward to meeting you personally and for you to become our client!

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