Speleo tourism

Speleo tourism is a guided incursion into a cave, which involves finding the way and overcoming various obstacles (walking in water, crawling, rappel, pits, waterfalls).

Avid speleologists are thus offered an unprecedented experience, exploring the depths being full of challenges but at the same time fascinating for those thirsty for knowledge.

The caves are rich in formations (stalactites, stalagmites, stilolites, canopies, stone canvases, drapes, columns). Certain species of cavernous species will be met: mushrooms, worms, cave snails, insects, fish with rudimentary eyes, bats.

Speleo tourism can only be practiced with proper equipment, consisting of: helmets, harnesses, ropes and insurance devices, lighting systems, neoprene suits.

Speleology clubs in Brasov

Speleological protected areas in Brasov

On the administrative territory of Brasov County there are several caves declared natural protected areas (natural reserves) by law or by the Government’s decision:

Valea Cetății cave (Râșnov) Liliecilor Cave (Moeciu) Bârlogul Ursului cave (Apața) Valea Mănăstirii cave (Comăna)

Photo sources

Photo cover: Marius Cigher (Comăna cave - Sala comorilor ”The hall of treasures”)

Photo gallery: https://www.facebook.com/avenul/

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