Recipes from Braşov county

Traditional recipes

In the Romanian traditional gastronomy there are some recipes originating in the Brasov area.

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Brasov pancakes

They're tasty, they don’t fatten and rejoice the eyes - the Brasov pancakes are very popular in the menu of posh restaurants.

For pancakes: 3 eggs, 1/2 l milk, 2 tablespoons of flour, salt powder.
For stuffing: 300 g of bird liver, one onion, 200 g mushrooms (one can), 2 eggs, a spoon of flour, parsley, dill, thyme (to taste).
For crust: 2 eggs, bread crumbs, flour.

Preparation: Make some large, fried pancakes, which, although eye-catching, should not be eaten. The onion is chopped and fried in hot oil. Then you put the finely chopped livers and mushrooms. Scramble the two eggs for stuffing with flour. Everything is mixed well with chopped greens and salt to taste. Fill the pancakes and wrap them. Then roll them in flour, eggs and breadcrumbs and fry them in hot oil. Serve hot, with cream and chopped dill.

Tochitură braşoveană

You can find it in restaurants, but it's better at home.

Ingredients: 500g fatty veal meat, 200g liver, 200g lung, 200g heart, kidney and other offal, 3-4 large onions, greens, 1 cup tomato broth, bone soup, 2 tablespoons lard, one small glass of wine.

Preparation: Fry the meat in 2 tablespoons lard, then quench with soup and a bit of wine. Allow to boil. Meanwhile, the offal is fried on embers, cut into pieces and mixed in the saucepan with the rest of the meat. Then put the broth, salt, greens. Let it boil for a few minutes together, until the fat comes up. You can also put some garlic cut small. Serve hot, with polenta.

Papanași like in Poiana

It is said that ”Papanași” as in Poiana Brasov can’t be eaten anywhere else. Here is the secret of the famous desert:

Ingredients: 300 g cow cheese, 2 eggs, 2 vanilla sugar envelopes, a knife tip baking powder (bicarbonate), 4 large tablespoons flour, salt.

Preparation: Mix enthusiastically in a bowl the cheese, eggs, sugar, bicarbonate quenched with lemon, the salt powder, 4 tablespoons of flour. You can mix with a wooden spoon, you do not need a mixer. Put flour on the hands, and take pieces of dough to make the donuts. Press them to make them look life little pittas. Make a hole in the middle with your finger. Roll them in flour and put them pot or kettle (not in the pan), in hot oil, fry them (not much) on both sides until they become golden brown, put them on a napkin to drain the oil and roll them in sugar powder. They go best with cream or a slightly sour jam (roses, blueberries, cherries, plums).

Brașov salad

For the ladies who do not give up on their diet, a salad is recommended.

Ingredients: 200 g of salami, 150 g of cheese, 300 g of carrots, 500 g of peas (canned), 150 g pepper in vinegar, 500 g of diet (or normal) mayonnaise, mustard.

Preparation: chop the salami, cheese and pepper into cubes. Drain the peas from their juice and wash them in a jet of cold water. Boil the carrots and chop them into cubes. Stir all ingredients thoroughly, add the mayonnaise mixed with mustard, arrange the salad on a plate or bowl and decorate with parsley or dill.
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Bulz de la Moieciu

At few birthday parties, the hosts tempt you with polenta. But the Moeciu bulz is something special.

It is a shepherd bulz, fried on embers, made of hot polenta and cheese packed in fir bark.

You could use different cheese types: curd cheese, ”urdă”, ”telemea”, kneaded cheese.

Method of preparation: Make the polenta and take a fine quality bellows cheese, made by sheperds on the top of the mountain. Spread a piece of polenta on something clean and sprinkle cheese as much as it fits. Pack it nicely, then fry on the hot plate, or, as in the original version, in the fireplace until it fries well. Remove the burnt crust, if it is ash, and serve hot, possibly with a cup of freshly milked and strained sheep milk.

Bulz de la Moeciu

Mackerel a la Brădet

Although one does not expect to find fish recipes specific to the mountain range, it seems that the Braşovians invented at least one.

Ingredients: 300 g of mackerel (two larger fishes), two tomatoes, a carrot, a bundle of green onions, tomato juice, pepper, dill, oil, medium sweet wine, salt, ground pepper.

Preparation: Wash the fish responsibly and clean it vigurously. Chop the vegetables, then lay the scrubs in the oil greased pan along with the diced vegetables. Bake for half an hour. Serve with polenta.

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Trigoane de la Râşnov

This is a pastry that can be filled with apples, cow cheese with raisins, vanilla cream (the specialty of a Râșnov confectioner).

The whole philosophy is the triangle. To obtain the shape of a trigon, follow these steps: a pastry sheet well-greased with melted butter is bent in length, in three equal parts. At one end, in the middle, put a spoonful of stuffing, then gather the sides over it.

You get a long rectangle, bulging on a side at one end. Bend it in the shape of a triangle along the length of the stuffed portion, then bend the filled triangle in successive layers of dough. The final edge bends inward.

The trigon will sit on edge in the butter-coated tray. Brush its top with butter. Bake and then pour some syrup.

The Council Square pretzels

The recipe of the real pretzels seems to be kept secret. Tourists passing through Brasov say that you can’t find pretzels better than then ones in the city center. Not even in Bavaria, the pretzels’ original place. The recipe in Brasov has secret ingredients.

Mix and stir well the flour and yeast, sugar, a little hot milk, then cover and leave for 20 minutes to grow. Then add the rest of the milk, salt and knead well to obtain a bubble-free dough.

From this dough, make ”sausages” 30 cm long and the thickness of a pencil. Roll and form pretzels. Then leave them for 15 minutes in an oven tray in a warm place, covered, to grow. Boil 2 liters of water and put the pretzels in boiling water with a spoon. As soon as they float to the surface, they are taken out and placed in a tray with flour. Sprinkle with coarse salt, poppy, sesame. Bake in the oven, preheated to 220 ° C, for 15-20 minutes.

The Brașov pretzels are ready.

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”Taci și înghite” (keep quiet and eat) like in Făgăraș

Radu Anton Roman, Făgărășan at origin, recommends this kind of food, accompanied, of course, by anecdotes and stories about the dish whose name imperatively goads us to eat it.

Ingredients: lots of hominy, 400 g bellows cheese, 200 g cream, 400 g smoked bacon or kaizer, 100 g butter, one and half liter of milk, 4-5 eggs, salt.

Method of preparation: Make a polenta with milk and salt instead of water, ensuring that is not too hard, but not mush either. Grease a saucepan with butter (on the edges, too) and then put: a layer of polenta (about 1 cm), a layer of bellows cheese, a spoonful of cream, pieces of smoked bacon (kaizer), pieces of butter, also about 1 cm. Make up alternating layers until the pan is filled with a thicker layer of polenta. Take the eggs and press the top polenta layer to form some recesses, in which you put some butter. Broke the eggs in these holes, sprinkle salt and put it in the hot oven until the egg white coagulates.

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