Piatra Craiului Mountains

The Piatra Craiului Massif

The Piatra Craiului Massif is located at the western edge of the Barsei depression, being formed by a grey chalk-stone mountain ridge 22km long. Piatra Craiului Mica is protected by rocky portions above the forest, in this area the gathering of any kind of a plant is forbidden.

The Piatra Craiului National Park

The Piatra Craiului National Park was founded in the year 1938 and has a surface of 14.800 hectors.

The National Park includes:

- Western Wall Reservation;
- Piatra Mica Reservation;
- Prapastia Zarnestilor Reservation;
- Hornurile Grindului Reservation - Muchia Lunga.

The Piatra Craiului National Park

Flora and Fauna

In this park are known 1.000 species and 123 subspecies of superior plants (32% of the country total) of which 53 endemic species (41% of the country total) the ”garofita” of Piatra Craiului stands out due to its gentleness and its beauty.

The fauna is also rich in diversity, in this context we can mention Vipera Berus, ”cocosul de munte” (mountain cock), ”capra neagra” (black goat).

It is here that the Large Carnivore of the Carpathians Project was implemented, which had as an objective to assure the continuity of the wolf, bear and lynx population, as well as the habitats in the Romanian Carpathians.


In the Piatra Craiului Massif can be found numerous monuments:

- Coltii Chiliilor Natural Monument;
- Acul Crapaturii Natural Monument;
- Padina Inchisa - Orga Mare Natural Monument;
- Turnurile Dianei Natural Monument;
- Zaplazul Natural Monument;
- Cerdacul Stanciului Natural Monument;
- Cerdacul de sub Varful Grindu Natural Monument;
- Vladusca Natural Monument;
- Pestera Mare Natural Monument;
- Zidul lui Dumnezeu Natural Monument.

Hiking Trails Hiking Trails Map


DN 73A Predeal - Zarnesti
DN73 Bran - Campulung
From Predeal - 35 km

Munții Piatra Craiului

Important things you need to know

The access in the Piatra Craiului National Park is based on the ticket!

You can buy the ticket from:

- Zarnesti Post Office;

- Piatra Craiului National Park Visitor Center (150, Toplita street);

- Plaiul Foii Chalet.

The entrance fee implementation period is: 1st of May – 31st of October

Sightseeing tariff:

Ticket for 7 days = 5 lei

Season ticket for 1st of May – 31st of Oct = 20 lei

*Exceptions from the payment of the entrance fee are:

- children under 14 years

- local people

To buy a ticket:

1. Use the blue ticket machines from the Zarnesti Post Office (12A Tiberiu Spirchez Street), from Piatra Craiului National Parc Viziter Center (Zarnesti, 150 Toplita Stret) or Plaiul Foii Chalet.

2. From the National Park site www.pcrai.ro at the section http://www.pcrai.ro//lang-en/10/Diverse/bilete-53.html

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