Brașov City Bus Hop-on Hop-off (Serviciu inactiv în 2021)

What does Hop-on Hop-off Bus mean?

Hop-on Hop off Bus one day as you wish from one of the 7 pick-up/landing stations and after exactly one hour you can resume your trip from where you got off. The route allows you to visit the most important landmarks in the city centre.

Why would I travel with this bus?

Because it is equipped with an air-conditioning system, a wi-fi system, it has an LCD screen on which there are displayed pictures and information about the sights as you pass by them in Romanian, English and French language. In addition, in the bus you can find leaflets where there are flyers with tourist information.

Where and when do the races begin?

There are 10 daily bus rides including on Saturdays, on Sundays, on legal holidays, too, departing from Livada Poştei, on every sharp hour (09:00, 10:00, 11:00 ...) between 09:00 and 18:00.

How do I quickly recognize the bus?

The bus shows the message "TOURISTIC BUS" on the electronic table and it has the logo ’’BRAȘOV TOURISTIC BUS’’.

How much is a ticket and where can I buy it?

The price of a special travel ticket for this route is valid for one calendar day, it costs 10 lei and can be purchased from the driver or from the cash desks at Livada Poştei and Brașov City Hall stations.

What are the bus stops?

Livada Poştei - Council Square - Unirii Square (Prundului) - "Andrei Şaguna" National College - "Tiberiu Brediceanu" Alley - Star - Brașov City Hall

What is the complete route?

Livada Poștei - Mureșenilor Street - (Council Square) - G. Bariţiu Street - C. Brâncoveanu Street - Prundului Street - Șchei Gate Street - N. Bălcescu Street - C. Dobrogeanu Gherea Street - T. Brediceanu Alley (Tâmpa Alley) - C. Dobrogeanu Gherea Street - N. Bălcescu Street - 15 November 1987 Boulevard - Agrişelor Street - Iuliu Maniu Boulevard - N. Iorga Street - Livada Poștei

See the map below:

What tourist attractions can I visit?

Council Square station: Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church; Franciscan Monastery; Mureșenilor House; Council House - Brașov County History Museum; The Assumption of the Virgin Church; The Holy Trinity Church; The Black Church; Graft Bastion; The White Tower; The Black Tower; Blacksmiths’ Bastion

Union Square station: Saint Nicolas Church; The First Romanian School

"Andrei Şaguna" National College station: Ștefan Baciu Memorial House; Catherina’s Gate; Șchei Gate; Rope Street

’’Tiberiu Brediceanu’’ Alley station: The Weaver’s Bastion; Tâmpa Cable Car; The Drapers’ Bastion; The Furriers’ Bastion

’’STAR Store’’ station: Very close to this station you can find the Regina Maria Parking that has 306 parking lots.

Brașov City Hall station: The Art Museum; The Citadel

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