Predeal 505300, Romania

The resort of the four seasons

Predeal is located in an area of moderate altitudes (Clăbucetele Predealului), between the Bucegi Mountains and Postăvaru, Piatra Mare and Baiului massifs. It was built in the pass with the same name, at 1,020 - 1,160 m altitude (Predeal is the city at the highest altitude in the country), at the origin of the Prahova River and on the upper course of the Timis River. The resort is 25 km south of Brasov and 147 km north of Bucharest.

The city has a linear, north-south orientation, with a larger development in the north, reaching the maximum altitude of 1,150 m in the North East, towards the Cioplea peak.

The resort of the four seasons

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