Self Theatre @HUB 2068

Dates and Hours:
HUB 2068, Brasov, Romania


Self Theatre @HUB 2068 aims to engage 10 talented young people from Brasov high schools in the project's activities, selected through a casting conducted by actress Ada Galeș and actor Alexandru Ivănoiu. The project will take place over a period of 7 days between 25-31 August 2022 at HUB 2068 and will offer young people a unique program presented at the highest level that aims to encourage young people to develop and raise awareness of their personal skills and knowledge in relation to the environment (spiritual, economic, social) through a personal development program proposed by two of the most representative actors of the Romanian theatre scene.
Through this technique of self-discovery using means specific to the theatrical performing art, developed within the framework of this project, young people will be able to improvise/perform various roles in an organized setting proposed by professionals.

Each person who wishes to take part in the project can register by sending a 1-minute video presentation and a short 3-minute video on the theme of Check In - a theme that deals with a simple action that we all do, especially young people - by the 15th of August 2022, which starts from the speaker's desire to tell others about a moment in their personal/imagined life, just like on social media - whether it's them or playing a character, in the selection, the jury will be looking for coherence, fluency of expression and body language. 

The 10 young people selected will participate in a week of workshops with Ada Galeș and Alexandru Ivănoiu, and at the end of the 7 days they will present to the public a production made in the framework of the project that will be available online afterwards.